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First, congratulations are in order, on the start of your business or non-profit venture! The importance of starting well cannot be over-stated. The way you put your corporation together right now will have far-reaching consequences.

There are quite a number of questions to consider. Is this for profit or non-profit? Will you be seeking charitable status? Should it be federal or provincial? What about protecting the interests of multiple shareholders? How many directors will you have? Are you thinking of selling one day or leaving your business to your heirs? What does incorporation really mean anyway? Your Ottawa Incorporation Lawyer can readily assist. He'll help you navigate the complexities of drafting and filing your articles of incorporation, and securing your virtual or physical Minute Book, so you can get right down to business.

The idea of incorporation can be deceptively simple, but the truth is that corporations can be as unique as the people who operate them. Your federal or provincial corporation will differ meaningfully from the next entrepreneur's federal or provincial corporation. It all has to do with the actual terms you include in your chosen structure, dealing with any number of current choices and future eventualities. For this reason, a cookie-cutter approach to incorporation can put your business on the wrong footing from the outset.

In essence, excellent corporate structures result from excellent planning and legal drafting - taking your business wishes as well as the law into account, and devising a strategy that informs you of your options, maximizes your benefits and keeps costs to a minimum. It's customized service. It's not the kind of service you can get "off the shelf". It's the only kind of service we provide.

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